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    19 Apr



    There are many benefits of going solar. Some may wonder if the investment is worth the return. I’m here to tell you that in most cases, going solar is the best investment that you can make! Many financial experts agree that the ROI (Return On Investment) can be as much as 200% over the life of the investment. Let’s take a look at ProChoice Solar’s Top Ten benefits of going solar.

    1)  No Out of Pocket Expenses – Upgrading your home or business to a solar energy power plant usually comes with little to no upfront expenses. Customers can typically get up to 12 months of deferred payment financing with 0% interest (with approved credit). The costs of the equipment and installation is normally included in the price.

    2)  Day One Savings – The day you flip the switch on your solar system is the day that you stop renting your electricity and start investing in your home. Most investments take months and even years to start receiving a return. Not with solar energy! A properly sized and installed system can decrease your monthly electric costs by as much as 90% (100% in some cases) the moment you start using it.

    3)  30% Federal Tax Credit – The Government recognizes the need for a cleaner, more affordable, and renewable energy source and is willing to back up your investment with a 30% Federal Tax Credit (It’s not everyday the Government gives you money back). Uncle Sam will credit you as much as 30% on the purchase of qualified energy saving products.

    4)  Increased Home Value – In Florida, a solar system that is owned can add as much as $5,900 per (K) of solar energy generated by your home. The return on your system can be cost + 30% if you received the Federal Tax Credit. If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, a solar system can increase your asking price and sell up to 20x faster than the exact same home without. Wouldn’t you like to move into a home with little to no light bill?

    5)  Guaranteed Performance – How many investments in the market are guaranteed to perform? Most solar products come with a 20-30 year performance guarantee. The industry standard for performance after 25 years is 80%. The lifespan of the equipment can outlast the performance guarantee and still produce a return long after.

    6)  Expiration Date – Riddle me this? When is your final payment date to your Electric company? Upgrading to a clean and renewable energy source such as solar energy can put an expiration date to your energy costs. Long after your system is paid for you will still enjoy the benefits of electricity without the high cost of service from your local utility company.

    7)  Payment Stability – It’s hard to budget your monthly electrical cost and freely enjoy the conveniences of your home. By upgrading to a solar solution, your monthly electricity cost (if any) is typically just the cost of your solar system. The payment on your system can only go down as the balance is paid off. So during those warm summer months you can use your savings for something else….a vacation perhaps!

    8)  Low Payback Period – By taking advantage of the Federal Tax Credit, State and Local rebates, and hefty Referral Program offered by ProChoice Solar you can realistically pay off your system (if financed) within 5-7 years. You can see a full return on your investment within 10 years of your purchase. This means that any energy savings after your system is paid off is money paid back to you. This could be thousands over 20 years.

    9)  Great Side Income – How many people would you tell if you could eliminate or drastically reduce your light bill? If you posted your savings on FaceBook, how many of your friends, family, and neighbors would want in? You could earn as much as $2,500 per month just by sharing your experience with ProChoice Solar. Besides paying your system off sooner, what could you do with an extra $2,500 per month?

    10)  Save the Planet – In a race to extend the life of our Planet, America is the second largest user of oil based energy with an annual carbon dioxide emissions of more than 17%. Replacing utility based power with a clean renewable source such as solar energy can go a long way in the reduction of our carbon footprint on the earth. In 20 years, a solar system can replace as much as 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide (the equivalent of driving a car 100,000 miles).

    We hope that you make the decision to switch to solar energy for your home or business. ProChocie Solar will be with you every step of the way. Book an appointment online or call ProChoice Solar today at 407-454-6146 to schedule a Home Energy Evaluation to see which energy products would benefit your home.



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